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On this site you will find all of my music, photography, designs, video creations and writing in one spot. All albums are available for purchase through CD Baby and other various outlets that you see offered here. You can also play full albums through this website. Not just samples. Explore and drop me a line or link up through the social networks below.

News 11-20-2013 - Independent Share

I decided this year that I really wanted to persue putting together a radio show. A few friends had urged me to do so. I know a lot about independent music and finding some real diamonds in the rough. There are so many great artists out there that are not getting heard or played on a regular basis.

I have always loved supporting other artists by advertising their Facebook pages, YouTube videos and websites on my own social media sources, but I wanted to take this to a different level.

So I decided on a radio show as that vehicle to bring these artists that I know, to the public. I"m also finding new and interesting artists to share along the way.

Join me on this journey to share the music on Independent Share. Drop by the Facebook page, by going to www.independentshare.com.

The first two show are in the can and can be played at anytime by going to the Spreaker Radio website and bringing up a show to listen too and then either streaming it there or downloading it to your phone or mobile device. I hope that you enjoy and come listen to some great music of ALL genres!!

I'll be producing several more shows to share soon. The next one is The Relaxation Space.

News 6-16-2012 - Thought Vibration

CD Version of Thought Vibration is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace. For those who would prefer a deeper quality of the audio. The MP3 versions are good as well, but sometimes there are nuances to the sounds that can only be picked up in headphones through CD quality sound.

New Release - Seasons Come

My latest album and a work in progress. There are still a few new songs to be recorded and added to this finished product, but for now, if you would like to listen to these new tracks, please feel free to do so.