Letting Go

© 2014

New Age Piano and World Music

A set of songs about letting go and starting over, dealing with fear or scary thoughts, not knowing why and dancing away our pain. Many written over a span of 10 years. This is a lot of experimental and improvisational music. Either you will like it, or you might not.

Seasons Come

© 2012

New Age Piano Music

Mostly new piano works from the last 5 year, up to 2013. Released as a final work in 2014 with Zanarkand being a bonus track because its a cover track.

Thought Vibration

© 2011

Meditation Music

I have wanted to produce a meditation CD for quite some time now. There is a huge amount of music to select from on the market and I wanted mine to accomplish a couple of goals.

  • Bring some form of stress relief
  • Help to bring your vibrational into harmony with the rest of your body
  • Help to take you to a deeper level of visualization or meditation
  • Do this without using binural beats or hemisync technologies

Some people get nasty headaches after listening to binural beats (alpha, theta, delta and beta) and some people have other reactions to hemisync technology. I might add binural at some point and time, but not for the general release. I want the listener to feel the vibration in the sound waves and feel how it might release stress in there body and nervous system.

I did these track in 7 minute segments (give or take a few seconds) to help focus for a short burst of relief. You can do the whole album or just give yourself a little listen to one or two tracks at lunch time and after dinner to help you calm yourself and bring focus and balance to your day.

I hope that you like these tracks and that they help to bring some sort of stress relief and calmness in your daily life. I will release these in a CD version someday, right now they are in MP3 format.

Thank you and enjoy. :)

Update: The CD Version is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace


© 2009

New Age Piano Music

Welcome to the Journey. These are themes on everyone’s path in life. A few years ago I released my first CD of songs that I composed over the years since I was thirteen. They were a collection of stories from my past and present at the time. Over the past five years I’ve worked on a set of music that I feel are theme songs for taking the journey along our path in life. These songs represent the ups and downs, the love and sadness and dreams and disappointments of everyday life. Our true nature is to be happy and music is the form I’ve chosen to release emotions deep down to bring back the happiness into my life and those I share it with. I hope that you enjoy the songs on this Journey and it is my greatest wish that they bring you peace and happiness.

Liner Notes:

My thanks go out to my wonderful wife and kids. Mary, Thomas and Daniel. They are truly my daily inspiration for love in my life. I am blessed with the most loving and understanding woman that any man could ever hope to have for a soul-mate. I am truly grateful for her love and generosity. I give grateful thanks to God, for the gift of creating music and putting the theme songs in my soul to share with others. I would like to thank my dear friends, who have always been there for me in my life’s issues and supporting my talents: Zach Phillips & Gloria Taylor, John & Monica Dierolf, Leah & Andy Kamm, Bonnie & Dennis Strum, Donna Paollela, Jeffrey Forzley, John & Mary Naughton, Rick & Sue Spinnato, Chris Olsen, Lisa & Tom Sayers, Laura Triebe, Gail & Steve Castillo, my father John C. Davis, Jr. who gave me my love of the piano, my mother Eloise Davis who gave me the love of singing, my brothers and sisters, Johnny, Robert, Theresa, Mary, Jeanne and Nancy who guided me in various stages of my music development, Kevin Reid who showed me that the world needs more love in the form of beautiful music and to my grandfather, John C. Davis, Sr. who always had a song at hand to take the blues away. He was always the poster child for happiness in his daily life and shared it with others along his Journey.

Down In Myself

© 2003

New Age Piano Music

Back in 1977, I began learning piano with some simple instruction from my sister. Most of my brothers and sisters took formal music lessons, but I did not. Intrigued by the emotional styles of Elton John, Billy Joel and Scott Joplin, I began my journey of pursuing my musical talents.

I learned everything I could by sheet music and learned the rest by ear.

Meanwhile, I continued the search to develop my own style. I started to experiment with different chords and hand runs. Life evoked heartfelt emotions which were put to music and my first song was written. I called it A Walk In The Garden, because I was reminded of such a place. My next piece was written a year later, after my first true heartbreak. A lot of deep emotions were brought forth in this piece. From happy to morose, I immersed myself into the writing process.

Over the years I've written various pieces at different emotional stages in my life. Each one of these pieces represents a moment in time; times I've tried to capture like pictures in my life.

I hope that you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoy playing them.

Making Sense From Chaos

© 2007

Electronia, Dance, Trance, House, Jazz, Blues

This album started out as a dance CD and transformed itself into a mix of dance, house and blues songs. The dance music goes from house to trance to ambient and the blues is the last song on the album to relax after having me take you all over the planet for sounds and rhythms.

I hope that you enjoy the ride as much as I enjoyed creating it. Most song titles paint a picture of what was going through my mind while I was composing these songs.

Soundtracks From The Edge

© 2010

Soundtrack Music

This album was an opportunity to showcase some of the work that I have done for other people or corporations for either marketing videos or commercial projects. The genres range from Jazz to Classical to Metal and cover a wide range of topics.